Spinal arthroplasty

We are Ruber Juan Bravo’s Brain and Vertebral Neurosurgery Unit. We are known for having the most advanced technology, the most current training and, of course, expert professionals in order to offer our patients the best results.

Our unit is specialized in spinal surgery and among the different techniques that we perform, we want to highlight spinal arthroplasty due to its great advantages over the others.

Artroplastia de columna

What is spinal arthroplasty?

Spinal arthroplasty is an advanced technique that consists of converting a damaged structure due to discopathy that generates severe lumbar or cervical pain.

The purpose of this spinal surgery is to replace the damaged disc with a mobile, resistant and above all very durable disc prosthesis.

It is the only surgical technique that replaces the disc, suppressing pain while preserving mobility and achieving a biomechanics very similar to natural ones.

To perform this advanced technique, it is necessary for a specialist Neurosurgeon to perform it. In practice, the Neurosurgeon expert in this type of innovative surgeries needs experience in three surgical areas: Neurosurgery, Vascular Surgery and General Surgery. We have been doing this type of technique for years with very satisfactory results.

Types of Vertebral Arthroplasty

Cervical arthroplasty

Lumbar arthroplasty

Spinal arthroplasty benefits compared to other surgeries?

What prostheses do we use?

The prostheses used by our Unit have their matrix, similar to the nucleus pulposus and fibers, emulating the annulus as well as the cymbals, typical anatomical parts of natural intervertebral discs. The dynamic part of the prosthesis is embedded in a metal container that is “friendly” with the bone, osseointegrable, following the experience of its use by otorhinolaryngologists and dentists for years with great results.

These metals allow the practice of studies such as magnetic resonance, CT and X-rays without the existence of an “artifact” (visualization failure in radiodiagnosis tests). Thus, post-operative or revision tests are much easier.

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