Cervical arthroplasty

Cervical Disc Arthroplasty consists of the replacement of a diseased intervertebral disc that causes persistent pain in the cervical area. In certain cases, this affected disc can lead to the appearance of a cervical disc herniation.

The disc is replaced by a prosthesis that mimics the mobility of a normal disc, without overloading the adjacent discs unlike other techniques such as arthrodesis that fixes the spine.

Current prostheses are very sophisticated and have a practically infinite duration and do not need to be revised like those of the hip or knee.

Hernia discal cervical

Due to its great results in cervical injuries, the Cervical Arthroplasty technique is a highly requested operation today. It has been carried out for years with proven effectiveness around the world. In our unit we perform it with an anterior approach, thus avoiding unnecessary bone section, reducing post-surgical pain, a fact that is highly valued by operated patients. We are going to tell you about it, how it is done and the benefits of this advanced technique.

Advantages of Cervical Arthroplasty

The main advantage of this surgery is that we remove the cause of the neck pain.

But it should also be noted that unlike the usual fixation techniques, arthroplasty does not limit mobility and for that reason it does not overload the function of the rest of the discs or the adjacent muscles.

This technique makes it possible to recover the condition of mobility and disc resistance lost in the course of degenerative disease, allowing, for example, that patients who continue to maintain intense physical activity, and were forced to stop, could recover it in an optimal way.

But this is not only applicable to athletes, it extends to all people from office workers to household jobs who see their quality of life substantially increased.

In comparison, arthroplasty is a technique that seeks to align itself with the functionality and naturalness of the human body while arthrodesis is highly invasive.

With spinal arthroplasty you remove the pain compared to arthrodesis that generates pain once operated due to the fixation of the back. In addition, it usually happens in an approximate 30% that the discs above the fixation are usually damaged.

Obviously, the difference between replacing a damaged disc with a prosthesis similar to a natural disc, versus fixation with screws is important, from the recovery itself from the surgery, which is much better, to the recovery and the extent of it.

In short, with arthroplasty, a total recovery of the patient can be achieved, without pain and limitations.

Through the following videos we are going to teach how is the diagnosis and surgical treatment of a cervical hernia, and explain how the placement of a cervical vertebral disc prosthesis occurs through arthroplasty with an anterior approach.

Casos Clínicos

Preoperative patient with Cervical Myelopathy

Post-operative patient with Cervical Myelopathy

Cervical Herniated Disc C5-C6

Cervical degenerative polydiscopathy

Cervical Disc Herniation C4-C5

Hybrid Surgery

As can be seen in these videos, this technique has very efficient results, allowing patients to regain extremely high mobility. With this technique we are able to reverse the damage to the cervical spine and restore normality to its biomechanics (or ability to move). In addition to having a very short entry time.

Of course, in order to perform such advanced surgery it is essential that the Neurosurgeon be an EXPERT. It will determine the best type of surgical practice taking into account factors such as: type of injury, state of the affected anatomical structures, age of the patient, lifestyle and a long etc. Therefore a face-to-face consultation is the best option to decide on the surgical option. In any case, this technique is the most similar to human biology today.

Our Unit located at Hospital Ruber de Maldonado 38, has been carrying out this type of intervention for more than a decade with magnificent results.

Of course, and as professional advice, if you suffer from cervical disease, and you have the option, deciding on this technique is a great option.

If you need information about your case, do not hesitate, request a consultation and we will inform you of the best options.