Unidad de Neurocirugía Cerebral y Vertebral

Brain and Vertebral Neurosurgery Unit
Unidad Neurocirugia de Columna

About us

We are Ruber Juan Bravo’s Brain and Vertebral Neurosurgery Unit. We are characterized by having the most advanced technology and the most current training and, of course, expert professionals to be able to offer our patients the best results.

Our Principles

Our main objective is to find the best treatment for each case.

Always ready to advise you in a completely personalized way to solve your problem.

Aware of technical advances today, we have the latest technology to help you in your case.

Prestigious specialist in Neurosurgery, with over 27 years of experience. Dr. Santos is the Coordinator and head of the Neurosurgery Unit of the prestigious Ruber Clinic in Madrid. National and international benchmark and pioneer in the use of techniques such as endoscopic surgery, vertebroplasty and, of course, spinal arthroplasty, both lumbar and cervical.

Doctor Hugo Santos

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Sociedad Española de Neurocirugía
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